My musical vision is to spread messages of hope, love, and wisdom thru out the world and to inspire people to give their best in life through my music. Music is a very powerful force that has a huge impact on people, and I hope that my music does just that. I write from my heart and life experiences and I think you can feel that when you experience my music.


Every human being has something inside of them that drives them forward and keeps pushing them to excellence. Even through all of the disappointments. This is called passion. My passion for music keeps driving me to create and play it. All you can do is your best and everything else will fall into place in due time.

Gospel music lovers know Reggie from his years of touring and recording with such notables as the Reverend Hezekiah Walker, James Hall in the 90's.  R&B and hip-hop fans have heard his distinctive bass lines accompanying Will Smith and Coolio, among others. He has proven himself as an in-demand sideman many times over – now he’s finally stepping into the spotlight on his own. Reggie calls his musical abilities a God-given gift rather than a talent.  Growing up in Brooklyn, he took inspiration from the music he heard in the church of his father, the late Reverend Joe L. Parker. He also absorbed the classic R&B/pop sounds of everyone from Stevie Wonder and the Jackson Five to Donny Hathaway and Luther Vandross.

In 2020, Reggie was accepted as a voting member in the Grammy Recording Academy.





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